County assures support to people living with Disabilities

People living with disabilities at Amtala stadium


As the world celebrated the day of people living with disabilities, the Bungoma County government has asserted its commitment to help the people living with disabilities lead a stable and dependent life same as others in the society.

Speaking during the Bungoma County commemoration at Amtala stadium in Kimilili sub County, the County gender director Moses Chebwonya said after inception of the County governments they have been able to set up a disabled fund that has helped upgrade their lives.

He applauded them saying those who previously received the fund have been able to repay the loan to the County government hence enabling more groups to benefit from the fund saying lives of many have been transformed.

However he said for the County government to reach them up to the grass root level he directed them to elect their representatives from the ward level, sub county level up to the County level saying in the previous year’s there has been a service break down due to misrepresentation.

He further cited issues of gender based violence against disabled women to have been reported saying in conjunction with the police department they have been able to set up a reporting desk so as to curb such incidences.

On her part the County officer in charge of the disabled people from the national government Priscah Akoth urged all the people living with disabilities to make sure they are registered to enable the government plan well for their activities.

She said the exercise will be ongoing in different sub counties saying it will be free of charge saying the government needs to have the data.

She further called upon parents not to seclude their children who are living with disabilities saying they have a right to be educated same as others in the society.

One of the successful people living with disabilities who attended the function Geoffrey Ipaleyi urged those living with disabilities not look down upon themselves but rather hold on what they have to make better their lives.