Call for disbandment of Kerio Valley Development Authority

Governor Lonyangapuo

West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has called for the disbandment of Kerio Valley Development Authority [K.V.D.A], for failing to develop marginalized counties and controlling resources in the North Rift region.

The Governor faulted the agency for failing to implement projects, not benefiting locals and being a stumbling block to development in counties within the region. Lonyangapuo said, the agency has over the years failed to initiate meaning and sustainable developments projects despite receiving adequate support from the communities and the central government.

Speaking at Takaywa village, Kasei ward, Lonyangapuo  took to task the management of authority  for being headed by political failures and having nothing to show off in the region for over twenty-five years.

“The authorities have become political tool box and the technical staff is sat on by chairmen and Directors whose agenda is to loot and eat. K.V.D.A must be removed because they have political brokers who defend them if being asked anything,” he said.

Governor Lonyangapuo faulted the management of the agency for involvement in corruption and embezzlement of government resources.

“We want the authority to be dissolved with immediate effect. I have never seen them in my office since I become the Governor for the last three months and I’m sure they have not visited,” he said.

He said that all the six counties  the funds used by the authority should be channeled to counties served by the authority. “Counties like Elgeyo Marakwet, Samburu, Turkana, Trans-nzoia and Baringo should do the activities purported to be undertaken by the agency,” said Lonyangapuo.

He said the agency has failed to justify its existence, projects and operations in the region.

The Governor accused regional authorities created to deliver the agenda for Kenyans   have failed to deliver its agenda. “Tana Development Authority and K.V.D.A has become tool box for politics. They have done nothing to help Kenyans come out of poverty,” he said.

Lonyangapuo observed all the 47 governors from the   have agreed to   do away with the regional authorities.

When conducted the KVDA Managing Director David Kimosop declined to comment on the matter saying that authority was passed by the national assembly.

“The case is in court and I have nothing to say, “he said.