Trade CS lauds Kenya’s resilient business community

Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives CS Adan Mohamed
Trade CS Adan Mohamed. FILE PHOTO

Trade and Industrialization Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed has lauded Kenya’s economic resilience which was evident during the electioneering period this year. Addressing the press in Nairobi, CS Mohamed said there are negative impacts of the just concluded stretched election period, but positives are there, “What we are proud of as a country is that we have the most resilient business community that you can find anywhere on the continent. If you look at the food sector people will continue to buy food, if they aren’t buying from someone then they buy from someone else,” he said.

However, he affirmed that the polls can have a notable negative impact, “It is a very unwarranted inconvenience and it’s something that businesspeople don’t like because maybe the staff are away or there are security issues,” he said. He further said that the heaviest blow comes from the international community, “It creates a negative perception about the country, especially from people who don’t live in the country. They sit there thinking Kenya is burning, but it’s not,” he said.

The nation is slowly recovering from the extended election and campaigning period that has taken its toll not only on Kenyans but also the economy. Businesses will be looking forward to having a reinstated market which is sable now that the repeat poll was concluded.