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Tragic accident claims a child’s life in Busia

Written by Frankline Bwire
2011-06-22 16:35:00
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 The road accident in Busia Bus stage where the child was killed.


A two and a half year old child was killed, in an incident that has left two women nursing wounds at the Busia District hospital after being knocked down by a Nissan that was escaping a crackdown laid by traffic officers at the Busia stage.


According to eye witnesses, the vehicle rammed into the two women, killing the child, when traffic officers tried to arrest the vehicles that were at the Busia stage.


The Youth leader for Busia District Mr. Innocent Masiga condemned the crackdown exercise undertaken by traffic officers, asserting that they should have informed the matatu owners of the exercise.


“Matatu owners have SACCOS, which the officers could have informed to make them alert, instead of involving themselves in the act of chasing vehicles, which are carrying passengers. 


Busia stage has a lot of vehicles and an abrupt move could have resulted to death of many,” he charged.


He added that exercise undertaken by the officers was after extorting money from the owners of the vehicles caught, with no inspection done on those netted.


“They are after collecting sh. 5000 from various vehicles, with no intention of ascertaining the exact problem of the vehicles,”


He vowed that they will not allow interference by police officers, through exercises undertaken in crude manners forgetting legal laws supposed to be adhered to.


The driver of the vehicle was subjected to mob justice by the public immediately the incident occurred, some few minutes before being rescued by police officers, who took him to the police station.


Meanwhile, travellers heading to various destinations remained stuck, following the scarcity of vehicles, besides the high travel costs that were being demanded.


The two women have been admitted at the Busia District hospital, receiving treatment, with serious fractures on the limbs.



Consequently, Villagers of Muyala in Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County have raised an alarm at rate in which motor bike accidents have occurred at the newly repaired Webuye Kakamega road.


 The fact that it has been repaired has however led to more serious and greasly accidents especially when students are around.


 They have alleged that the motorbike riders over speed in order to get more of the student customers than others.


They have been cautioned to drive more carefully and always remember it’s a life of a human being they have carried.


 They are also addressing the government to erect more bumps on the road as will ensure more prevention of the accidents.


Strict measures have been put forth to punish road offenders.


 Elsewhere, two people died after being involved in a tragic motorbike accident along Kakamega Webuye road.


The 21 year old campus lady was on her way to her hall 1 hostel room when an over speeding motorbike crushed her to the nearby tree.


 The motorbike driver is said to have lost control when the accident occurred. The two were rushed to the nearest Kakamega Nala hospital but could not make it.


The police officers who arrived at the scene of the accident 10 minutes later took away the crushed motorbike.


 The shaken eye witnesses claimed to have raised their voices high to the campus management and road works to put up road bumps especially along the school gate road to minimize the accidents but no action had been taken.


Additional Reporting by John Kabaka. 


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