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Western province - have no illusions that the presidency of Kenya will be thrust upon you from whither; you got to fight for it

Written by West Fm
2012-03-24 10:15:00
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 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government Hon. Musalia Mudavadi’s declaration that he will challenge Prime Minister Raila Odinga for the nomination as ODM Party’s Presidential flag bearer for Kenya’s 4th President in the next General Election has created total fear and trepidation in the unprincipled and fickle politicians of Western Kenya and thrown them into complete anarchy.  The majority (18) of the MPs in the region are in Parliament on the ODM party ticket.

Is it not to have been given that every man and woman in Western Province who is a member of ODM would be now trumpeting, advertising, propagating, popularizing Hon. Musalia Mudavadi’s Presidential ambition.  Why is there ambivalence, silence, mixed signals and even outright opposition by ODM MPs from Western Province to the Hon. Musalia Mudavadi Presidential ambition?  Why is it only Hon. Justus  Kizito, Hon. Yusuf Chanzu, Hon. George Khaniri and Hon. Manyala Keya who are visibly pushing the Musalia Mudavadi Presidential ambition? Why is it that it is even Hon. Bonny Khalwale of New Ford Kenya who is urging Hon. Musalia Mudavadi to go for the Presidency?

Are the majority of the elected ODM MPs from Western Kenya who are conveniently quiet on the Hon. Musalia Mudavadi Presidential ambition exhibiting insecurity and cowardice that should they do so openly, they will earn the wrath of Prime Minister Raila Odinga should he win the Presidential nomination of ODM?  Are the ODM MPs from Western Province who are hiding and evading from backing the Hon. Musalia Mudavadi’s Presidential ambition by their actions suggesting that Hon. Musalia Mudavadi is not fit to be the 4th President of the Republic of Kenya?

West fm notes that Hon. Musalia Mudavadi has been a Finance Minister of the Republic of Kenya among being a Minister in other ministries since entering Parliament in the late 1980s after the death of his father.  That he has been a Vice President of the Republic of Kenya however short the period.  He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi and an alumni of Nairobi School.  Hon. Musalia Mudavadi is a scion of Hon. Moses Mudamba who was a Minister in the Moi Government of the 1980’s and exhibited unmatched courage in empowering the people of Western Province in the allocation of limited public resources and employment opportunities in his short stint as Minister.

Western Province should not delude itself that it is any sooner that it will have a politician of Hon. Musalia Mudavadi’s stature and experience after the demise of the late Vice President Hon. Michael Wamalwa Kijana in 2003.  And yes, Hon. Musalia Mudavadi lost his parliamentary seat in the 2002 General Elections and that was a lesson in humility but he picked up the pieces and he is who he is today.

Western Province should understand that Kenya’s political currency though written in the Constitution as pegged on one individual, one vote yet it is in practice traded on the unit of the tribe, community.  That those who shout loudest about nationalist interests have silently locked their tribes in their political cage.  Western Province must approach Kenya’s politics pragmatically as to what is the reality.  And if Hon. Musalia Mudavadi or Hon. Eugene Wamalwa will be able to align Western Province to the political reality of Kenya’s political currency of the vote being anchored on the political currency of the community or the tribe, so be it.  After all the makers of the new Kenya Constitution were cowardly enough to sweep under the carpet the question and  power of tribe, the ghost of tribalism and yet the ghost is alive and kicking and as the next General Election beckons it is that tribalism and its chemistry that will deliver the 4th President of Kenya.

Unless Western Province has been annexed to Nyanza Province and its ODM MPs are in mortal fear of losing their seats come next General Election and Hon. Raila is ODM’s Presidential candidate strategic self interest dictates that all ODM MPs in Western Province should be pushing and fighting life and death for Hon. Musalia Mudavadi to clinch the ODM Presidential Nominations.  After all charity starts at home and where else but Western Province is where Hon. Musalia Mudavadi must solidly to every ODM Party member be able to gain the traction and momentum to deliver him the party’s Presidential ticket.

The Presidency is the epitome and fulcrum of political power anywhere in the world and if a region is able to have its son or daughter occupy that coveted seat, then the region will make progress in light years.  That is more so in Africa where political parties are weak and in nascent stages.  The electorate of Western Province are watching, analyzing and picking out the traitors to the people of Western Provinces Presidential ambitions and longing to rise and will eject them out of office or lock them out from entering any office.

And where are those Elders’ Councils that kept shouting for the Presidency to come to Western Kenya.  How come they are not endorsing and selling the Hon. Musalia’s Presidential ambition.  Were they puppets of the Hon. Raila Odinga Presidency who have now gone into hiding to undermine the Hon. Musalia Mudavadi Presidential dream?

The people of Western Province must believe in themselves if they are to change their condition.  Let them have no illusion that anybody from anywhere else outside Western Province shall change their condition. It is only in the power of the people of Western Province to change their own condition for the better.  The Hon. Musalia Mudavadi Presidential ambition is just one of those acts of courage that can positively transform the conditions of the region. There is no right time and no right age to run for the Presidency so long as one is over 18 years and it is only those leaders who have the conviction, courage and tenacity to get it, who will get it. And the road to the Presidency is rocky, turbulent, full of intrigue and tsunamis, backstabbing, blackmail and only the nimble, focused and courageous can make it.

Western Province in any event remains the most strategically placed region to produce the 4th President of Kenya who can heal, reconcile and unite the nation from the traumas of the post election violence of 2008 and the aftermaths now encapsulated in the ICC trials that are staring at this country for the foreseeable future with the potential to further fracture the nation.  The tide is in favour of Western Province this coming General Election and the region should not squander that chance as it comes once in a century.  And the rest of Kenya will only galvanize onto a Western Province Presidential candidate if the region itself is solidly united behind any one of its Presidential candidates.  And yes, let Western Province keep the Hon. Musalia Mudavadi and Hon. Eugene Wamalwa options open going to the next General Elections.

Hon. Musalia Mudavadi stands the best chance for Western Province to produce the President of Kenya at this historical juncture.  Go for it Hon. Musalia Mudavadi and every voter in the region will back you to the hilt regardless of the cowardice of the current ODM MPs who wish to continue paying homage to other regions of Kenya. Western Province has every right and pride to covet and have a permanent ambition at every election to get one of its sons or daughters ascend to the Presidency and it owes nobody or any other region of Kenya any apology for that ambition.



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