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Bunyala District disaster management team formulates plans to avert floods

Written by Cajetan Okondo
2012-03-30 16:40:00
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The officials of the Busia Community Development Organization (BUCODEV) from Bunyala District together with other stakeholders have finally resolved in implementing plans of handling the upcoming floods in the district.

The meeting that was chaired by the District Agricultural Officer Mr. Samuel Wekesa said the organization has set all plans ready to deal with the emergency when arises  while imploring other organizations to come in.

 Mr. Mango also asked the government to provide fuel for transportation of goods and people to different camps which may cost approximately Sh1,000,000, rehabilitation of 6 boats Sh.50, 000, Provincial for hiring more 20 boats at a cost of Sh. 20,000, 100 life jackets at Sh100,000

He also requested that the local radio stations Bulala FM and Tengarani station in Mumia to issue early alerts on the water levels from both sides.

Head of National Water Corporation Mrs. Lucy Mbucha as the engineer in charge of the dyke construction projects, stated that 8km piece that was affected by floods has been completed therefore, the remaining parts are Buyuku and Mau mau area which shall be in complete in two weeks time.


She told the members that the government is planning to buy 4000 sand bags to put at the spot where people think floods may wreck havoc. “But the same time they are waiting some Sh 90million which was promised by the PC during World Water day in Nandikinya.

“The disadvantages of repairing old dyke that has a span of 26 years is that is very expensive because as it holds the silts it between the dyke it leads to shifting of river hence reduce capacity of the dyke and also river bank shifts further to wrong directions therefore the solution is being the Dam construction,” said Mbucha.

Red Cross branch manager Mrs. Joyce Ayaro said that the organization so far has set aside funds to reposition 100 households which they keenly wants the provincial administration to arrange themselves well and identify them properly to ease confusion and frauds.

She also needs Lorries and tractor to be available during that time to transport goods to impassable areas which should be done in a good channeled way.

 UNICEF Team Manager Mr. Titus Egori Iguria said that for now his organization has budgeted for the disaster but they arrange on how to get funds before the disaster.

Ministry of Health also promised to provide 20 modulates already 10 have been issued in the District, 5 barrels of chlorine, 16 barrels of aqua tab, 60 pumps of sprayings.

Public Health Officer Mr. Joseph Opurong stated that the ministry of special program is providing more 16 modulator, 1 million aqua tabs, 1000 pieces of soaps, 5 emergency kits, and Disinfectant.

Members from the both organization came up with similar issues like too much political interference in evacuation basing on political affiliation, had to penetrate in affected area by evacuation team, Double registration in the camps, Lack of transportation in various camps, High expectation from the community. Therefore they requested the Government officers to ask the provincial administration team and politicians to be lenient enough by not making the situation for their gain.   

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