Movie programs to be launched to promote peace in the region

Tanzanian actor katapila with kapenguria theatre

Kapenguria Theater Group in partnership with Tanzanian artists Association will soon launch a movie program aimed at promoting peace to help change the face and notion of people about the Pokot Community.

The pilot project dubbed ROPOWON NDENYAN [RIZIKI YANGU][MY DESTINY]  consisting of  youths ,men and women from the Pokot Community will help in tapping youth talents and promote film industry in the region known for being a hub of retrogressive practices like banditry attacks,  cattle rustling, female genital mutilation, early forced marriages and other vices.

The movie promotes themes of danger of drug abuse among the youthful generation, creativity, society issues, youth in leadership and youth empowerment.

The programs which involve local artists will encourage the movie sector to seek diversification beyond conventional productions that will help unearth youth talents, job creation, promote tourism, generate income for youths and uplift standard of local films.

The  Group Production  Manager for the Project Mr. Ashiono  Wendo  said the program will also promote new generation producers to help groom film production talent in the region.

A delegation of Tanzanian big names  led by thespians like Kingwendu,Mzee Majuto, Uncle Katapila  who is a  brother to the late actor Stephen Kanumba , Sudanese and local artists will on 23rdDecember 2017  launch the first movie  where the historic grand event  will take place at   Kisii University Grounds in Kapenguria township whose scenes has been already been shoot  from different locations in the County.

“We hope the enhanced collaboration will help boost cross border demand for our films and entice foreign investment ,”

Wendo called on the National and County Governments and area leaders to promote art as means of eradicating insecurity in the area.

“We want to open up a film industry in West Pokot.We laud new elected leaders for embracing and promoting art,”he said.

Mr. Sammy Abuyanza the Program Script writer said another highlight of the initiative will be a series of activities that will  be engaging   in cross border artists exchange programs, plays, comedies, Music, Dance through participatory Education Theater, Magnet Theater and a program entitled “Tanga Tanga”  focusing on day to day life giving true picture residents of West Pokot County.

The Director of the Program Mr. Robert Kimutai observed that the programs will offer a platform for youths to showcase and nurture their amplitudes through theater and arts performances.

Mr. Samuel Alufayo  said the programs will  help reduce endlessness among youths  in the region.