Two legged calf stuns Lugari residents

The Lugari residents were shocked after seeing the deformed calf
The Lugari residents were shocked after seeing the deformed calf

Shock has enveloped residents of Mbajo village in Musembe sub location, Lugari Sub County after a cow belonging to one of the villagers delivered a deformed calf which has only two legs, resembling a Kangaroo. Hundreds of the stunned residents are streaming to the village, to document the incident firsthand at the home of Mrs. Henrietta Kadinya Indangasi.

According to Mrs. Indangasi she bought, the heifer from Kipkaren market last year and it was the first time for it to deliver.

However, she said it had had complications in the early stage of the pregnancy but she called the veterinary officer who treated it and it was well until Wednesday afternoon when it gave birth to the deformed calf.

“When this cow showed signs of giving birth I called my neighbour who came and assisted it, but we were shocked to see the calf with only the rear limbs and resembled a kangaroo,” explained Mrs. Indangasi.

However, Mrs. Indangasi who is a widow said the calf is fed well but she doesn’t have the capacity to take good care of it. “For now I am milking its mother and I give it milk which it drinks so without any problem,” she said, adding that she was ready to hand it over it to anyone who will take care of it since all other organs are normal and functioning.

While some of the mesmerized residents associated the creature with dark notions, others hinted that it’s a sign of wealth. According to Mr. Wilson Maseng’eli a veterinary officer in Lugari, who attended to the heifer when it developed complications during the early stage of its pregnancy, the abnormalities are genetical and it is not possible to correct the situation. “The problem could have been inherited from either side of the parents,” said Maseng’eli.