Supply chain contracts for People with disabilities to be increased

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

The county government of Nandi through the leadership of Governor Stephen Sang will push for the 30% supply contracts allocated for youth, women and people living with disabilities to 50% so as to increase their income generation and livelihood.

Speaking during the annual observance of the international day of persons living with disabilities, Nandi governor Stephen Sang cited that he will push the percentage in line with one of his key promises.

Sang revealed that his administration will accord people living with disabilities preference in the supply of goods and services to the county government.

Moreover he will increase employment opportunities for such people and give them a priority in any recruitment so as to feel they are part of the government and not sidelined.

On the other hand the chief executive committee member of youth and sports docket Elly Kurgat promised to work together with persons with disabilities and the county government of Nandi in abide to solve and tackle issues affecting such people.

He cited that the government through his ministry will set aside a budget for appreciation to PWDs for their contribution in society just like any other human being.

The CEC confirmed that no one will be sidelined in this because persons with disabilities are part of the society and should be looked into by taking good care of them without stigmatization.

He asked those with registered companies to apply for county tenders and those without companies to make an effort of opening some so as to benefit from the 5% and those with skills to apply for jobs in order to benefit from the 30% employment.