NSC farmers to receive payments through banks

The harvesting manager Mr. Maurice Munoko and the public relations officer Mr. Gilbert Awino /Photo/Victoriah Sindani /West Fm

Nzoia Sugar Company farmers have gotten a relief of how they receive their money after the company initiating a program of paying them through the bank on their personal accounts.

While speaking to West FM in the studio office, harvesting manager Mr. Maurice Munoko urged all farmers to present the required documents to ease their payments.

“I want to urge our farmers to communicate with the company and provide bank plates and mobile numbers, take these documents to our outreach offices where you belong to be registered.” He said.

Mutoko/Photo/Victoriah Sindani /West Fm
The harvesting manager Mr. Maurice Munoko and the public relations officer Mr. Gilbert Awino /Photo/Victoriah Sindani /West Fm


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Mr. Munoko said that with this new system that will be introduced, when the farmers’ cheques are processed and payments made ready, they can easily go and withdraw from their accounts any time unlike the way it has been initially where farmers used to queue to be given their money.

He noted that the methods used earlier were risky because someone could spot a person that had money then attack and snatch it adding that it was also time consuming because one was to overstay in the bank due to the long queues.

He also urged farmers who do not have bank accounts to open and those that had accounts but are dormant to activate and make sure that they are working.

For those farmers who have been lamenting on the delayed payment Mr. Munoko said that many had now been paid and urged a few that are not paid to be patient because very soon they will receive their dues.

‘We have tried and paid those farmers that we harvested their canes in August, September and October  we are remaining with the November and December group and I promise that soon we shall pay them’’ uttered Munoko.

Public Relations Officer Mr. Gilbert Awino told farmers whose cane is ready to be patient, assuring them that it will be harvested by the company and stop being cheated by the poachers who harvest their cane and pay them peanuts.