DP’s wife dish out goodies to her former primary school in Likuyani

Rachel Ruto wife to the Deputy president of Kenya William Ruto /Photo/West Fm file

Likuyani primary school benefited from a new face-lift and other goodies courtesy of deputy president’s wife Rachael Ruto.

Through a modeling and mentorship programme dubbed, “Butterfly Mentorship Programme”  Mrs. Ruto in partnership with Etihad Airlines, Abu Dhabi has seen Likuyani Primary School, which is the chief beneficiary undergo a complete new facelift in terms of infrastructural development.

Rachel Ruto wife to the Deputy president of Kenya William Ruto /Photo/West Fm file
Rachel Ruto wife to the Deputy president of Kenya William Ruto /Photo/West Fm file

Mrs. Ruto, an alumnus of the school, thanked the Abu Dhabi family through Etihad Airlines for accepting to sponsor educational projects, which has so far seen the school benefit with a modern administration block, 23 modern classrooms, complete with electricity and tiled floors, 26 flash toilets, a modern kindergarten unit, clean water, standby solar lamps, among several other infrastructural projects.

While addressing the more than 1400 pupils at the school, who received complete new uniform kits that also included pairs of shoes, socks and school bags, the deputy president’s wife urged them to reciprocate the good gesture by concentrating on their studies in order to produce quality marks that will catapult them to good secondary schools.

“We are asking our pupil to shun boy-girl relationships, which often lead to early and unwanted pregnancies, and instead focus attention on education,” said Mrs. Ruto who buttressed her sentiments by citing Nelson Mandela’s often quoted maxim, “education is the only equalizer.”

Mrs. Ruto asked the Ministry of Education to employ more teachers in order to address the teacher – student ratio challenge, especially in populous public schools in rural areas, in order to improve standards of education.

“Ambitious projects like this one will only produce desired end goals if the teacher-pupil ratio problem is addressed to acceptable standards,” she added.

Etihad Airlines President, Halid Elmeherik, who was the main chief guest at the event, thanked the Kenyan government for allowing his organisation to invest in the education sector through its corporate social responsibility programmes.

The Airline’s president promised to build a modern library at the school which besides serving pupils and teachers will also be used by members of the surrounding community.

The school also benefited with several cartons of textbooks from Kenya Literature Bureau.

Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary Dr. Belio Kipsang’ was among other invited guests who addressed thousands of residents who had thronged the venue to witness launching of the spectacular project.

Dr. Kipsang’ gave his personal contribution of 10 cartons of textbooks.