15-year-old drowns in R. Nzoia moments after seeing floating body

The latest incident comes days after another child drowned in River Nzoia

Grief has gripped Mirembe village, Chevaywa location in Matete, Kakamega county after a 15-year-old boy drowned in Nzoia river in a shocking incident.

According to the area chief Alex Goricho the deceased Elphas Ochweya, who was a Form One student at Muhomo secondary school drowned moments after allegedly seeing the body of an unknown person being swept down the river.

Mr. Goricho said the boy had gone to the river bank where he purportedly saw body of unidentified person floating on the water.

According to the resident, minutes after the body had been swept away, the boy informed them but looked disturbed mentally and started behaving strangely before he ran and jumped into the river and drowned.

Family, friends and entire community have been left perplexed with the incident wondering if and how the deceased was related to the deceased he allegedly saw and what might have triggered his reaction.

The incident came after a three year old baby Arnold Shikuku drowned in the same river at the neighboring Mukangu village which is about a kilometre away.

Both Elphas’ and Arnold bodies have not been found with the two families appealing for expert divers to assist them in the search of the remains of their beloved sons.