16 year old girl married off to a 40 year old man

Dancan Otieno manager the Great Mission
Dancan Otieno manager the Great Mission

Police in Kakamega are investigating a case where a 16 year old girl, orphaned, who was to sit KCSE exams this year 2022, was married off to a 40 year old man.

The girl was married off early this year to a well off Nubian only identified as Hassan by her auntie, sister to her late mother Rahma.

The girl who ran off from her marriage a week after the wedding was abandoned by the family that claimed that she had embarrassed them.

The family claims that the minor had started indulging in sexual relationships and would disappear for weeks before showing up again.

According to her auntie Rahma, the girl is 19 years old, a claim that was refuted by medical tests carried out at the Kakamega Refferal hospital that established that she is 16.

The girl was rescued by an organization -The great Assignment- under Mr. Dancan Otieno, who bumped into her in her third marriage after the wedding.

According to the girl, she got desperate after being rejected by the family and decided to settle with a university student for three months who later rejected her.

She then moved on and had stayed with her new husband for a day before meeting members from The great Assignment.

Police have since arrested the aunt and investigations are on.