Regional integration to boost business in East Africa

East Africa
Ambassador Francis Muthaura speaking in Nairobi during the Integration process event

The East African business institution needs to be strengthened for development and more diversified commodities; this is to improve more sectors for open markets both locally and internationally.

Regional integration in the East African community has so far improved regional peace internally and externally building prospects for a richer market on the global focus.

The East African Affairs in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour are therefore determined to ensure provisions for regional security and to tackle major challenges which are competition and unemployment.

“Economic competition should not lead to conflicts among member states of the EAC and regional economic integration infrastructure development should core, “said Ambassador Muthaura.

East Africa
Ambassador Francis Muthaura speaking in Nairobi during the Integration process event

Muthaura was speaking at a hotel in Nairobi on Thursday in a meeting for EAC integration process emphasising on the need for interconnectivity of movement across the border for easy business affairs.

The Chairman of Lamu Port Southern Sudan –Ethiopia transport articulated that peace in the neighbouring countries has contributed immensely to economic growth.

Kenya’s interest in the EAC is strategic in a number of ways for instance securing destination for expertise human capital by investing in EAC open borders, innovative diplomacy, fast tracking of regional framework and coherent policy framework focusing on 47 counties.

The key areas of focus to harmonise policies include the EAC Monetary Union, political federation, trends in exports and imports and the entire integration process.

The EAC forms 25% of market in economy in the East African region whereas Africa alone forms 40% and other markets form 14% in trade and services through financial, distribution, tourism and transport services.

The entire affair is aimed at fulfilling the role of parliament in driving Kenya’s national interest in togetherness with the East African region.