20 Mt.Elgon school girls discovered pregnant

20 Mt. elgon chelebai secondary school

20 students of Chelebei Secondary School, a local school in Mt. Elgon are soon going to be young mothers after they were discovered to be expectant through a pregnancy test done at the school.

According to the deputy principal of the school Mr. David Emachar, a pregnancy test was carried out at the school after the students reported back for the first term studies and were shocked to receive the results.

He said the men behind the heinous act have not been identified, though pointing out that some of the students were impregnated by Bodaboda operators of the area.

chelebai secondary school, 20 Mt. elgon

The expectant young mothers aged between 14 and 22 years old have been allowed to continue being in school as they wait to deliver and come back to finish their education after giving birth.

The students, four of them this year’s candidates, eight form three, six form two and two form one are now expectant young mothers.

The deputy principal said they are waiting for the parents of the students to come so that they discuss the matter and know the way forward .

He said lack of infrastructure have also caused the problem saying if all the girls were in boarding then it could have been easier to take care of them.

Teachers said environmental factors and the high level of poverty make most students to look for alternatives to get money for their necessities thus ending up pregnant.

Mr. Emarchar said the school have invited motivation speakers and counselors who have spoken to students and done guiding and counseling adding that the students are ready to continue with their education without fear.

The school is neighbouring another school called Chepkurkur primary school, a shool that was highlighted by the media prompting the deputy president to give it a visit cautioning those behind the acts that the law will take its course, after 18 children were impregnated by well known people.

He has called on the leadership and authorities to intervene and make sure the men involved are brought to book saying most of the students are minors.