200 children in Nandi found to have hearing impairment

Kapsabet County Referral hospital
Kapsabet County Referral hospital

A total of two hundred children from across Nandi aged between zero and five years have hearing impairment problem.

This is according to a report revealed by a non-governmental organization dubbed ‘the hearing law organization’ which deals majorly with screening to establish the root cause of such cases.

Speaking at Tegat and Kapsabet township primary schools in Emgwen Constituency in Nandi County where they had visited the Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) section to conduct their screening, the organization screening officer Mr. Stephen Kitur revealed that hearing impaired cases among children are established at an early stage of between zero to five years thus asked parents to consider knowing the hearing state of their children by making regular visits to clinics for screening.

Kitur cited that as an organization they have conducted screening of more than one thousand children from the region where they established that out of them two hundred were having the problem of hearing.

He added that the situation is treatable and can be worked on if detected at an early stage saying as an organization, they are assisting in giving out the assistive hearing devices to enable the children with such cases be able to restore their hearing well.

“I want to ask parents from Nandi to take their children to Kapsabet County Referral Hospital for hearing impaired tests and screening so as to be able to get assistance from the organization.” He affirmed.

The organization is targeting to visit more than one hundred primary schools in Nandi to conduct their screening services in a bid to help those with the hearing problems.