Heightened security as high tourist season starts in Mombasa

Tourist arriving at the coastal town of Mombasa

Security along the coast and the city of Mombasa has been heightened as the high tourist season sets in.

Tourists influx at the coast is expected to start in July.

Following warnings and terror alerts during the holy month of Ramadan, security has been scaled-up around mosques and crowded places.

Mombasa County Commissioner Mohamed Maalim

Mombasa County Commissioner Mohamed Maalim Sunday assured locals as well as visitors of their security but cautioned them to be vigilant as threats made are likely to be carried out during the high tourist season.

Locals have been asked to collaborate with security agencies in securing the region, in case of suspicious activity or person to notify security authorities immediately for action.

Maalim further said that security on vital installations such as Moi International Airport, the Likoni crossing channel, beaches, hotels, shopping malls and places of worship have been scaled-up to prevent attacks.

He also ordered through screening of all vehicles before being allowed into the ferries to avert attacks or transportation of deadly weapons.

Mr. Maalim said the government had deployed both uniformed and civilian police officers in Mombasa Town and its outskirts to protect people and property against terrorism and general crime.

He later met with private security service providers and asked them to ensure the security men are taught on skills of searching and identifying potential threats as most of them were employed without any form of training.