23 year old man commit suicide by jumping in a 40 ft well in Likuyani

Khayanga residents retrieving the body from the well
Khayanga residents retrieving the body from the well

A 23 year old man committed suicide after he threw himself in a 40 ft well in Khayanga village,  Kongoni location, Likuyani sub county.

Walter Tonje, 23, had earlier picked a quarrel with his friends whom he shares a room with before jumping into the well.

The deceased friends, led by Dennis Wafula, said he became violent at around 11 pm and started strangling them on the neck.

“We were sleeping at night when Tonje woke up and started strangling us. We overwhelmed him and he ran from the house shouting before jumping into the well,” said Wafula.

A neighbor Stella Asiko says she was woken up around 11pm by someone shouting “I’m being killed! I left the house to check and found Tonje crying inside the well. He said that he decided to commit suicide because his father had refused to enroll their young brother to Maseno University where he had been placed after performing well in the 2020 KCSE examinations. We tried rescuing him but it was too late,” Asiko noted.

The victim grandmother, Everline Pemu is a bitter person lamenting that most youths result to committing suicide when faced with challenges instead of seeking advice.

Khayanga residents at the scene of the incident
Khayanga residents at the scene of the incident

“Killing yourself is not the solution. I encourage the young generation when faced with squabbles to seek divine guidance or even go for counseling from the elderly. Most youths have engaged in drugs like Tobacco, Kuber and Marijuana thus making them to easily lose temper and become violent,” she said

“According to the victim’s father, Boniface Masakha claimed that drug abuse influence might have been the cause.

“Bang’, Chang’aa and Kuber are killing the youths. The authority should investigate and help us end this menace by prosecuting the suppliers,” he said.

Area authority led by Edward Obaga, decried rising number of suicide.

“Cases of people killing themselves are on the rise with at least 3 cases being reported weekly. Let’s not take life for granted but look for amicable ways in solving disputes,” he said.

The local administrator advised residents to embrace dialogue in resolving domestic wrangles.

The body was removed by officers from Nangili police station and taken to Kiminini mortuary in Trans Nzoia county.