3 year old drowns in R. Nzoia in Matete

Local divers searching for the body in River Nzoia

A somber mood engulfed Mukangu village, Chevaywa location in Matete after a three year old baby drowned in River Nzoia. 

According to the deceased’s parents Mr.  Joseph Masinde and his wife Ida Simiyu, their son Arnold Shikuku was playing with his two friends when he met his death. 

“I was going on with house chores when the two children came and gave me the shocking news that my son had been swept away by river water, I didn’t know they had gone to play near the river,” said the mother. 

According to Mr. Masinde he had gone to visit his friend in the neighbouring Muhomo village when he received the news about the drowning of his son. 

He said following flooding into their farms after Nzoia River broke its banks, several trees fell on his farm and the children were playing on one of the trees before his son slipped and drowned. 

By the time of going to the press efforts to search for his body were underway.