Strong winds destroy classrooms

A section of the classroom that got destroyed by wind
Learning has been disrupted in Mugunga Primary School in Lugari Sub County after classrooms were destroyed by strong winds.

The school’s deputy head teacher Zachariah Shisia told West Media  the incident occurred at about 1:30pm when pupils had left for lunch.

Mr. Shisia said the strong winds ripped off the roofs of two classrooms, standard eight and the early childhood education section.

Shisia said fortunately there were no injuries as it affected the backside of classrooms where there were no pupils.

A section of the classroom that was destroyed by wind

“Had it thrown particles of the front part of the classrooms then we could be talking a different story because there were some children playing there,” said Mr. Shisia

The school head teacher Mr. Gilbert Osundwa who was out on official duty when the incident occurred has called on well-wishers to intervene and help the school which is he said is faced with several challenges.

He disclosed that on 23rd last month inspection team visited the school and recommended flooring of the classrooms which have remained dusty and become breeding place for fleas and jiggers for several decades.

He said the management was still working on the proposal to make the floors another tragedy has struck complicating the whole process. “We are liaising with the department of Public Works to assess the damage and prepare a valuation report so that we can have a target of what should be raised,” said Mr. Osundwa.

He called on the area National Government Constituency Development Fund management and Kakamega County Government to come to their aid by allocating funds to repair the classrooms.