Matili residents in shock as one person is brutally murdered

Matili residents at the scene
Residents of Matili area are still in shock after the Friday attack that left one dead and one in hospital in a critical condition.
A woman was confirmed dead and a man is still in critical condition in Eldoret Referral Hospital after they were attacked by unknown people in their home,  Matili area Kimilili Sub County on friday night.
According to Topister Wanyonyi the incident happened at night but she only reliased after she woke up Saturday morning at 6:30am to milk her cow and saw a bag of beans outside his son’s house.
“I woke up as usual and went to milk my cow but then I saw a bag of beans spilled outside my son’s house, I was a bit disturbed and wondered what had happened,” she explained.
“I moved closer to the bag then I saw my sons trouser with blood, I called out his name in vain, I entered the house up to the bedroom, I found the two lying in blood,” narrated Mrs.Wanyonyi.
Confirming the incident David Namutala Senior Chief Kimilili Rural said that he was informed of the incident at 6:45am where he took an initiative of informing Kimilili OCPD and DCIO.
“I was called very early in the morning and told that two people have been attacked, I quickly informed the OCPD & DCIO and rushed to the scene, “said the Chief.
He stated that they reached the scene and found a woman known as Celestine already dead and Andrew Wanyonyi in critical condition.
Chief Namutala termed the incident as unfortunate and revealed that house breakages are cases that are mostly reported in the area.
The chief assured the residents that  investigation is underway to capture the perpetrators.
The body of the deceased was taken to Dreamland Hospital Mortuary.