Kibunguchy appeal to the president to consider the Gender Rule

Likuyani MP Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy addressing residents in his constituency

As president Uhuru Kenyatta prepares to name his full cabinet, Likuyani Mp Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy has appealed to the president to consider regional balance and the two third gender rule as per the constitution requirement.

Speaking in his constituency, Kibunguchy regretted that in list of first nine cabinet secretaries proposed by president Kenyatta there was no woman appointee.

Kibunguchy warned that if the president ignore the gender rule Kenyans will move to court to have the entire cabinet nullified.

He said there must be a minimum of seven women in the remaining slots calling on women leaders to come out strongly and fight for their rights.

“We are telling president Uhuru that he must live to the spirit of constitution as he appoints officials to the state jobs, he must give 7 – 9 slots to women or else Kenyans will have to follow the legal way to a null the whole cabinet,” said Kibunguchy.

He also appealed to the president to retain women cabinet secretaries Amina Mohammed of foreign affair, Judy Wakhungu of environment and Cecily Kariuki of public service and youth affairs whom he argued had proved to be hard working in his first term.

“It is under Judy Wakhungu as the CS for environment that we have seen the ban on the use of plastic bags being successfully implemented not forgetting Amina and Kariuki whom we have seen working tirelessly for the government,”  said Kibunguchy.

At the same time the MP also called on the president to consider regional balance in his new government .

“The law requires a maximum of 22 cabinet secretaries and with another 22 slots for principal secretaries those are enough posts for every region to be represented,” he said.