Lugari residents urged to cooperate with security agents to enhance security

Retired OCPD Bernard Macharia with his wife during farewell party

Lugari Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Agnes Karoki Shadrack has called on the area residents to cooperate with security agents to assist enhance security.

Speaking  at Lumakanda police station during a farewell party for the former immediate area Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Bernard Macharia who has retired, the DCC complemented the public for ensuring cordial relationship with the police pointing out that such a relationship enabled them pass important security information.

She reiterated the residents’ commitment in promoting security arguing that it was incumbent upon them to tip security agents on bad elements in their midst.

“Security concerns cannot be abdicated to the central governments alone,” she said adding that residents had a central role to play.

At the same time Mrs. Karoki instructed police to investigate cases of burglary reported in the area and ensure a legal action was taken against culprits especially after several churches have been reported to have been broken into property stolen.

Commenting good working relationship between the regular police and the administration police in the area, the DCC also instructed them to intensify their patrols and intelligence gathering to control insecurity.

However, she assured the residents of their security reiterating that the government was committed to ensuring all citizens enjoyed uninterrupted peace and tranquility.

Residents expressed their gratitude to Macharia for freely interacting with them and working tirelessly to fight criminal activities in the area.

“The way Macharia freely interacted and socialized with local residents it was difficult for someone to believe he was the OCPD , he was down to the earth just to ensure the local mwananchi enjoyed peace and we thank him a lot for improving security in Lugari,” said opinion leader Mzee Peter Marucha adding that his sense of humour made everyone want to interact with him and freely volunteer information about suspicious characters.

They said Macharia fought hard and managed to curb cases of highway robbery along Webuye – Eldoret highway and livestock theft which were rampant when he was posted in the area in 2013.

Also Lugari business community thanked Macharia for the measure he put in place and ensured the enjoyed peace in their business premises.

“A part from one or two incidents where he also took quick action when informed, majority of us business people have enjoyed security and we could sleep knowing everything was safe,” they said.

On his part Macharia also thanked residents for working closely with him and made his work easier by tipping him on security issues and he could quickly act to ensure everyone was safe.

“I thank you a lot for volunteering information that enabled me to improve security in the entire sub county, without your support I wouldn’t have managed alone. In fact for the two months I have been away since I retired in December last year some of you are still calling thinking I am still the OCPD I thank you for that but don’t be afraid to call if there’s anything I will pass the information to the one in charge and appropriate action will be taken,” said Macharia.

He advised his successor to have security of the residents at heart by employing good working relationship with his juniors and local residents and stand for justice.