48 year old man killed by lightning in Lugari

A section of tilled land in Lugari forest ready for tree planting
A section of tilled land in Lugari forest prepared for tree planting

A dark clouds hangs above Mwambuli village in Chekalini location, Lugari sub county after a 48 old man was struck and killed  by lightning.

According to Mary Anyango, she, her husband David Inziani together with their two children  were sheltering in their house during a heavy downpour when the tragedy occurred.

“We were just sited in the sitting room  together with our two children talking to each other at about 3pm when the lightning struck,” said Mrs. Anyango.

She said they heard an earsplitting bang from outside followed by a blinding light which was accompanied by  flames of fire that struck her husband throwing him on the floor adding  her efforts to rescue him were futile as he died on the spot.

“First I thought he had gone unconscious as a result of the loud bang which shook the entire house. I tried helping him back to his feet only to realize the curtains had fallen on him,” she explained.

Apart from  killing her husband,  Ms. Anyango said the lightning also caused other damage in the house and within the  compound.

She said household property including electronics was destroyed with the lightning which also left cracked walls on the structures within the compound and also hit several trees.

Residents led by Mrs. Sarah Khalamwa and Mr.Douglas Musungu have appealed to local leader to help put lightning arrestors  to curb such calamities saying the area was prone to lightning.

The body was removed and taken to Chebaiywa mortuary in the neighboring Uasin Gishu county.