54-year-old woman struck by lightning in Matete

Mr. David Injendi when he spoke to media at his home

A dark clouds hangs above Tulwa village, Lwandeti location, in Matete after a 54 year old woman was struck and killed by lightning.

According to Mr. David Injendi, his wife Evelyn Nekesa who sells vegetables at Maliki trading center was on her business when it started raining and she decided to shelter herself in her friend’s house at the center before she was struck by lightning.

He said there were several earsplitting bangs from outside followed by blinding lights during the heavy downpour that repeated after every 10–15 minutes, causing panic among residents.

“I really fear lightning because it once struck and almost killed me. So when I heard the thunder strikes, I ran and went to hide in the bedroom leaving my grandchildren alone in the sitting room. I later gained courage and returned to the sitting room though I wasn’t settled,” he explained.

Later he said he saw a young man running in the rain toward his house and informed him that his wife had been struck by lightning inside their house at Maliki trading center.

He said efforts to save her life by administering First Aid and rushing her to Webuye sub county hospital bore no fruits as she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Residents led by former Lwandeti ward councilor Mr. Mark Lusweti Injendi have appealed to local leaders to help put up lightning arrestors to curb such calamities saying the area was prone to lightning.

The body has been kept at the Webuye hospital mortuary.