Trans Nzoia women rep to open an office to hook up lovers to bar men from preying on school girls

Trans Nzoia Women representative Janet Nangabo.
Trans Nzoia Women representative Janet Nangabo.

Leaders in Trans Nzoia County have protested the surge in teenage pregnancies in the area calling on law enforcers to act firmly on sexual offenders.

According to Statistics from Children department in the County, Trans Nzoia has recorded an alarming number of more than 10,000 cases of teen pregnancies since the start of Covid-19.

Cs for interior Dr.Fred Matiang’i who visited the region in January was angered by the statistics and openly condemned men for their uncouth and beastly behaviors that are endangering school going girls.

The minister said disco matanga is the most contributing factor to teen pregnancies in the region as underage girls freely mingle with men at night who end up taking advantage of them.

He asked provincial administrators to heighten surveillance to weed out sex pests in the region in order to give room for school going girls to continue with education uninterrupted.

In another move to fight the vice that comes barely three months after Cs for interior banned disco Matanga in the region,Trans Nzoia Women Representative Janet Nangabo has promised to open an office to hook up lovers to quench their sexual appetite.

Nangabo said the move will help bar men from preying on school girls and reduce teenage pregnancies in the area.

In a more desperate move to save the girl child, the Women Rep called on men to use the office to get mature women for sexual need instead of preying on girls.

“I will open this office to connect those who want to have sex because am sad to see young girls pregnant. We must have a conversation as a society about this.”She said.

Speaking at Machewa in Saboti constituency, the vocal legislator called on concerted effort to fight the vice that is now a threat to underage girls.

She said it’s worrying that many girls in the region have been impregnated and sexually abused since the start of Covid 19 pandemic.

Nangabo attributed poor parenting to rising cases of teenage pregnancies and called on public conversation about the matter.

The legislator also called on religious leaders and local administrators like chiefs and their assistants to look after children and apprehend sexual offenders in their respective areas.

“We have failed us leaders and parents, are we really okay with what is happening to our young girls? We need to roll up our sleeves and tackle this vice before most of our girls drop out of school because of early pregnancy.”said the legislator.