Nandi residents urged to embrace tree planting for environmental conservation


The CAS for water and irrigation Dr Andrew Tuimur has urged Nandi residents to embrace tree planting for the conservation of environment so as to attain the 10% forest cover.

Tuimur cited that Nandi region despite having good soil and witnessing lots of rainfall has not yet attained the 10 % forest cover as it is at seven percent urging residents to consider sticking on tree planting exercises and conserving the environment regularly for their own benefit.

Tuimur who oversaw the Re-discovery Nandi ten kilometre road race, which is conducted annually in line with the conservation of the environment revealed that the National government is putting more effort in ensuring conservation of environment in a bid to achieve the 10% forest cover through numerous tree planting exercises across the country.

“It is a good move in ensuring that our athletic culture is used in the conservation of our environment and should be a culture in supporting the national government program of tree planting,” he affirmed.

The Re-discovery Nandi ten kilometre race organized annually in Nandi was sponsored by Morzat bet and environmental ombudsman Dr John Chumo who echoed the water and irrigation CAS Dr Tuimur adding that the athletics talents should be used to give back to the society in order to promote and enhance socio-economic aspects of the Nandi region.

Dr Chumo on the other hand, said the government has done a lot of mapping and gazettment of other water towers to ensure that the country has sustainable sources of water.

“I am aware that our country is a water scarce country but we need to up our game through forestation and management of these water towers,” he added.

They conducted tree planting exercise in Kimondi forest and Kapsabet boys High school as a way of preaching the message of conservation of  environment to Nandi residents.