Police launch investigations into the death of a man found covered by a wall in Busia


Police officers from Adungos police station in Teso South sub county Busia county have launched investigations to determine how a 42-year-old man who went missing last week was found dead in an abandoned house.

The officers are digging deep into details to unearth how David Sikanda alias ‘chini ya maji’ was killed by a wall and the incident remained a secret for a whole week before his body was discovered after it started decomposing.

It’s alleged that David who do manual jobs for people to earn a living mostly at Ang’orom market some five kilometers from their home at Okilidu village, was contracted by a resident of Ang’orom to remove iron sheets from a semi-permanent house but he continued going back to the house to remove firewood.

An odor coming from the demolished house made neighbors become curious and went to check before they discovered a body which had been covered by the wall while the hands, which had been mutilated by dogs, were stretched from the rambles.

His relatives led by his mother Mary Nyongesa Sikhaya were able to identify him after they removed the debris.

His face had been badly damaged and decomposed beyond recognition.

The mother told journalists that he was last seen on Saturday 26th June at their Okilidu home while neighbors where he died at Ang’orom say on Sunday he removed his clean clothes and left them in one of the homes where he like visiting then put on dirty clothes to go and remove firewood from the demolished house, “He likes going to remove fire wood from that house then sell and get money to drink alcohol.”

However, what baffled the police and relatives is that nobody bothered to find out while the deceased had not come back from the house for a whole week as his family continued to search for him, “We don’t know why they kept it a secret. They knew he had gone to remove firewood from the house but didn’t bother to find out where he had gone after he failed to return to pick his clothes,” wondered the mother.

The house where he died is surrounded by bush although there are other homesteads on either side and a tree plantation on another side.

Three months ago an elderly woman who had rented the house hanged herself in the house and her decomposing body was discovered almost two weeks later. The owner of the house and land who lives in town decided to sell it to another person who is preparing to develop it.