7ft snake disrupts burial service in Matete

The snake that interrupted burial service in Matete
The snake that interrupted burial service in Matete

Pandemonium broke out at a funeral service in Tulwa village, Lwandeti location in Matete Sub County after a 7 feet snake invaded the compound scattering mourners in all directions.

Members of the bereaved family and well-wishers had converged at the home of Mr. Charles Wambongo alias Wambongo Wechifusi to inter remains of his 12 year old son who died after being bitten by a snake when the uninvited guest came calling.

The serpent was first sighted in the middle of the crowd which was singing mourning songs as grave was being filled with soil spreading fear and awe.

The seven feet black mamba believed to be the one that bit the deceased snaked its way around the compound unperturbed to the consternation of the crowd.

Later a group of men summoned courage as the snake slithered its way towards theĀ grave, managed to corner and kill it before the burial continued.