81 year old man commits suicide after being robbed Kshs. 6,000 in Lugari

Mahemas residents at the home of Mzee Keya Wamacho
Mahemas residents at the home of Mzee Keya Wamacho

Mahemas village in Marakusi sub location, Lugari Sub County was thrown into mourning following the death of an 81 year old man who allegedly took his life due to depression after being attacked and robbed Kshs. 6,000.

According to family sources, Mzee Keya Wamacho who lives alone hanged himself in his house after lamenting of the pains he was going through after being attacked by a group of men well known to him who also robbed him of the money he had planned to spend on treatment of his ailing son.

The son Haron Wafula who lives in Eldoret said he has been sick for a long period and his father had called him so that he could take him to an expert doctor who he believed would cure his problem.

“I travelled yesterday, and arrived here around 5pm but my father was not in. I waited for him and he came at around 8pm. He prepared supper we ate and sat together until 11:30 when I asked  to go and sleep,” said Wafula.

He said that they peacefully parted with the deceased adding he only complained of pains on his ribs, right leg and hand alleging to have been seriously injured by people he knew so well.

Mahemas residents at the home of Mzee Keya Wamacho
Mahemas residents at the home of Mzee Keya Wamacho

However in the morning Wafula said he got concerned after his father failed to wake up until 10:30am when he decided to go and check on him.

He said the door was still locked from inside and his attempt to knock severally went unanswered forcing him to break one of the windows  where  he was shocked to discover his father’s body  dangling from his house roof .

“My father is an early riser, when I failed to see him at   around  10:30 am   I decided to
check   to find out why he had delayed waking up only to discover his body hanging from the roof,” said Wafula.

He said the octogenarian was depressed after being robbed of the money he intended to use to take him to hospital coupled with injuries inflicted on him by his attackers which also required medical attention worsened the situation thus prompting him to take his life in such a cruel way.

The deceased’s sister Pricilla Mugasi said her brother had sold his only cow at a throw away  price of Kshs 7,000 to take his son for treatment and it really affected him after he was robbed of the money and also seriously injured leaving him without means to take himself or his son to hospital.

The incident has been bitterly condemned by residents led by Mr Goodall Walucho calling for a thorough investigation that will ensure those who attacked and robbed the old man leading to his death face the full wrath of law.

Officers from Lumakanda police station removed the body and took it to Kimbilio funeral home in the neighbouring Uasin Gishu County as they launched investigations into the incident.