84% of businesses in Kenya have experienced low to moderate impact of coronavirus-KEPSA

The Western region's economic state will be greatly boosted if we buy products from the region and we reinvest into the region's businesses

84% of businesses in Kenya have experienced very low to moderate impact of the coronavirus since its outbreak, according to a survey from the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). According to the KEPSA boss Carole Karuga, 61% of business have felt some impact of the coronavirus. She said this statistic shows that Africa doesn’t do as much business with the outside world, resulting in a lower impact felt, “Only 12% of Africa trades with China,” she noted.

The global coronavirus deaths have reached 4,000 with China still registering the most cases and deaths-at least 3120 deaths. However, European countries have also registered a spike in infections in the past week, notably Italy, France and Germany, with measures being set in place to combat the spread. The spread of Covid-19 has led to collapse in markets and the effects on economies will be better comprehended later.

Speaking to the press, the KEPSA boss said 127 businesses participated in their survey, with different sectors highlighted including tourism, manufacturing and agriculture. More than 53 surveyed business were large companies, although small and medium sized enterprises were included, “We covered everyone, from mama mboga to the largest corporates,” she said. She said that with increasing restrictions, an opportunity to consume locally made products has presented itself, fronting the Buy Kenya, Build Kenya opening.

Written by Rachel Nyongesa