A 20 year old man arrested lodging with two teenagers amid rising teenage pregnancies in Trans Nzoia county.

Center the suspect with two teenagers

A 20 years man has been arrested at a lodging with two minors one 17 years and the other 13 years in a dramatic swoop that was done by municipality chief Charles Namunyu calling upon the owners of lodgings to be wary of those individuals that are admitted inside their rooms.

The move comes after it was established that the county has more than 10,000 pregnancy cases amongst teenagers in which Internal Security Minister Dr. Fred Matiang’i ordered chiefs to be vigilant and arrest perpetrators of these acts noting that any chief who will sleep on his Job without arresting offenders will be replaced.

Dr. Matiang’i claimed that Trans Nzoia county was leading in the whole county in teenage pregnancy cases calling upon the law enforcers to
work in seeing all the responsible culprits are arrested and brought to book.

Chief Namunyu explained how he got wind of two children who were in a lodging with the 20 years man Daniel Wafula with a 13 years girl and 17 years all in primary schools and upon arriving at the scene all were sharing one bed and arrested them.

Centre Municipality chief charles Namunyu

He however disclosed that the lodging owner was on the run and that he was being sought by security agencies and upon apprehension, he will be taken to court for flouting rules concerning the age of the persons needed to be admitted in the lodgings calling upon all other owners of the said premises to be wary of persons that they admit in their lodgings by requesting for identity cards of such persons to authenticate their age before allowing them into the lodgings.

Namunyu appealed to parents to stay close with their children and understand the activities they were doing claiming some cases of child neglect was on the rise in the county as some parents have abdicated their role of guiding their children and instead failed in instilling

“I call upon parents to be wary of the activities and whereabouts of their children as some children are engaging in crimes whose parents are needed to offer guidance and avoid such acts, the trend at which parents have left their obligation of guiding their children was worrying,” stated chief Namunyu.

The suspect is supposed to be arraigned in court next week upon completion of investigations.