A deformed goat causes stir in Matete.

The deformed goat
The deformed goat

Residents of tiny sleepy Mukhuyu village in Kilibot sub location,  Matete Sub County have been perplexed after a goat belonging to one of them delivered a deformed kid that is using one organ to perform biological functions.

The puzzling incident occurred in the home of one Diminah Mumelo where the kid is using one organ to pass urine and poop.

According to Mumelo, the kid was born in September this year and it took her time to realize the deformity.

“I couldn’t establish immediately that the kid had deformities but after observing it for a while I realized that it has only one opening (vulva) which is used to pass both urine and stool, the other organ is not there,” said Mumelo adding that the irony is that despite the deformity the animal is full of health and goes about normally.

She said it was the second time for the goat to give birth after she bought it from a local market saying at first birth it sired twins which had no deformities.

She has appealed to scientific experts to come up and try to establish how the whole process took place.

The incident has attracted throngs of villagers who are visiting the home to catch a glimpse of the wonder animal. Some have been heard attributing it to satanic designs, good luck and witchcraft.

“For the 75 years I have lived in this world I have never seen an animal with such deformities,” said Mzee Moses Mbuya.

 Mumelo has however revealed that she was ready to part with the wonder animal to anyone offering good tidings.