A disabled man in Makuselwa receives a wheelchair from the area MCA

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi helping Mzee Werunga move on a wheelchair he had donated to him
Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi helping Mzee Werunga move on a wheelchair he had donated to him

The disabled man, Mzee Julius Werunga from Mbao village in Makuselwa sub location in Ndivisi ward Webuye East constituency was filled with joy after he received a wheelchair from the area MCA Martin Pepela Wanyonyi.

Mr. Werunga said for many years he has been suffering and his mobility has not been well as he was forced to crawl.

He says for many years he has not been able to move from one place to another apart from within his compound where he was straining using his hands.

According to Mzee Werunga the wheelchair he was using broke down long time ago and could not be repaired because it was too old and that made it hard for him to move from one place to the other therefore he remained at home throughout giving burden to his family for support whenever he wanted to visit a neighbor or a friend and that limited him in attending functions in his community that are far from his home.

However, he thanked the area MCA for the donation of the new wheelchair which he said had come on time and will enable him move easier without burdening anyone.

He added that most leaders have forgotten people of his nature yet they  also have an important role in the community and must be given opportunities and the much needed support, as he appealed to other leaders to follow suit as Honorable Martin did and make sure that the disabled in the society are not discriminated .

He insisted that most disabled people are suffering during this Covid-19 pandemic since they can’t afford to buy masks and sanitizers as required by the ministry of health, as he said that the government through Covid-19 funds forgot cushioning them therefore wondered how the funds were used.

Werunga added that most of disabled persons require support as the environment that most of them come from is quite wanting with most of them not having jobs due to discrimination and rejection as some employers think that they cannot perform while  given jobs.

However he has appealed to the community to embrace them and make sure that they are accorded adequate support like other people so that they can access better education, health services and other social services that can help them live a normal life.

He urged parents not to hide their children who are disabled but instead bring them forth so that they can get support from the government and other institutions that are meant to help them.

He urged administrators to work together and make sure that all disabled children get education and deal with parents who hide such children and deny them a chance in their lives.

He also made a plea to the government to consider them when giving Covid-19 vaccine and if possible let health workers visit them in their homes and give them the jab since it is difficult for them to visit health facilities for the same.

Ndivisi MCA Martin Wanyonyi promised to support the less privileged in the society and added that he has always given them first priority in terms of service and promised to continue supporting them through their leadership.

He added that there are many projects done and others are still ongoing geared to changing lives of the people of Ndivisi ward.

He asked residents of Ndivisi ward and Webuye East constituency in general to work together for the sake of development saying that politics will come and go and therefore that should not distract them from development saying 2022 is still far and leaders should be given time and support to deliver to their promises they made and electorates to assess their development record come 2022.

Ndivisi ward MCA at Mzee Werunga's home
Ndivisi ward MCA at Mzee Werunga’s home

He also advised parents to take good care of their children during  this holiday especially class eight  pupils who their results were released earlier this month as they will be at home for a longer period and if not well guided may end up messing with their lives and destroy their education.