A family denied burial of their kin for over a year due to land rows

A piece of land
A piece of land

A family in Musasa village, Shiveye location, Ikolomani sub-county in Kakamega County has been deprived of the opportunity to bury its kin following a land tussle.

The late Timona Amukumbi passed on in June 2019 and has not been buried to date due to a balance of 2700 shillings, the balance of a parcel of land he lives on that was transacted in 1975 between him and the seller the late James Kangayia.

The Kangayia’s family led by his eldest son Charles Kangayia are now demanding for half a million as the balance claiming that the three-acre piece of land has appreciated.

They claim that it is an order given by their late father days before he passed on in 2009. The late Amukumbi purchased a three-acre piece of land from the late James Kangayia at a cost of 6000 in 1975, and paid part of the money. The balance according to the Kangayia’s was 2700.

However, this has been refuted by the late Timona’s family led by his widow and sons Wycliffe Amukumbi and Paul Shitote who claim that the balance was settled long before Mzee Kangaiyia died.

They claim that the debt was paid while the sons were out and thus does not see the need for the push and pull from the family. Wycliffe Amukumbi the eldest son says that business in the family was brought to a standstill after the burial of their father was halted by a court order one and a half years ago following the case.

“We had prepared to burry him, purchased all that was needed to give him a befitting send-off only to be stopped at the last minute, up to now, our hands are tied and we can not as a family proceed with any venture until he is buried. That is according to our customs. We are limited even in terms of movement.” Said Wycliffe.

The body of the late lies at Mukumu morgue with a mortuary fee of almost a half a million.