A family in distress following unknown ailment that has grounded their 45 year old daughter

The ailing Mary Nafula
The ailing Mary Nafula

A family at Pombo village in Cherang’any Sub County is in distress and in a dilemma following a mysterious breast condition that has grounded their 45 year old daughter who abandoned her marriage to get their special care.

Mary Nafula said her right breast began developing a painful lump in 2007 which she ignored thinking it was a normal feeling that would go away as she was advised, but later the condition worsened.  She now relies on pain killers as a remedy to alleviate the never ending pain.

“By 2017, the breast had bulged and the pain was unbearable. My husband took me to the Kiambu county referral hospital, the Kenyatta national Hospital and later the Mbagathi hospital where a cancer screening turned out negative,” said Ms. Nafula.

The worsened unknown condition has forced her to relocate to her parents’ home after feeling she had become a burden to her husband who was having hard time working and looking after her.

Mary Nafula displaying her swollen breast
Mary- Nafula- displaying her- swollen -breast

“I decided to leave my marriage and come back to my parents; I know I am still a burden here but its better. This is a reprieve to my husband; I had overwhelmed him with work,” said Nafula.

Her Mother, Jane Nasimiyu, said the condition has emotionally drained the family which is now faced with a huge financial burden to purchase drugs prescribed for her daughter in managing the health condition.

“Looking after her is quite demanding since she needs complete attention especially at night where she must be assisted to turn in the bed and to respond to calls of nature. She occasionally experiences insomnia,” said Mrs. Nasimiyu.

She called on the county government of Trans Nzoia and other well-wishers to assist her daughter to get specialized medical care to diagnose the condition and have her subjected to the right treatment.

“I am calling on all including the political leadership in Trans Nzoia to come to my daughter’s rescue. She has suffered for long yet there is little we can do to address whatever is ailing since we are financially crippled,” she appealed.