A family in Nandi hills seeks justice over defilement of a minor


A family in Nandi hills constituency Nandi County is seeking for justice over sexually abuse of their six year old girl alleged to have been rampantly defiled by his step father.

Speaking to the press in Nandi hills Hospital where the girl was treated, the family spokes person Mr. Peterson Wanyama said that the incident was established in the girl’s school by her teachers who noticed the girl was not walking comfortably.

Wanyama cited that the teachers took a step of interrogating the girl and after along interview, the girl revealed that she had been undergoing sexually abuses by his step- father for a period of time then unnoticed.

Wanyama revealed that the girl further explained that she had told her mother at one point about the incident but told her to forgive him as is his father.

“We want justice for our girl and other girls who have been inflicted in such situations thus the police should act swiftly and arrest the culprit who is still free”. Wanyama said angrily.

The Hospital revealed that the test results showed that the girl had been rampantly defiled and needs medical attention.