Gully caused by landslide at Midira village pauses danger

A gully as a result of landslides

Residents from Madira area in Vihiga County have protested the presence of a deep gully that came across as result of a landslide even as the heavy rains continue to pour in the region.

The gully was formed as a result of a landslide that occurred back in September 2013 and has never been worked on to date.

The emending El Nino rains has further increased the risks associated with the gully and residents are now living in fear because of the dangers they may face especially the school going children.

A gully as a result of landslides
A gully as a result of landslides

The gully borders Mawazo ECDE centre and a primary and secondary school.

Led by Mrs Flora Evelia and Mr Evans Muswahili the activist in the area said the gully pauses a danger to their lives.

“This is a threat to the neighbouring schools and teachers are forced to closely monitor children from straying towards the gully that is very deep,” said Mr Muswahili.

They said the gully was a matter touching on disaster management and preparedness and they were wondering how well the county government is prepared to deal with such occurrences.

The Madira Primary School head teacher Mr Ronald Kolongo was not in school to comment of the impending disaster.

However, teachers at the school said the effects of the dangers were a real threat to the children that learn at the school.

“The pupils are curious they want to know how deep the gully is and this has made teachers to be always alert to prevent them from going near the water filled gully.” said Mrs Evelia.

No casualties have been reported since the gully was formed along the Bukuga-Magada road that is currently under construction.

Locals said that the contractors on the road had also created a water channel directing rain water into the gully leading to erosion at the gully.

This, they say, was disastrous and called for a speedy action to refill the gully.