A Likuyani family spent nights in cold after their house was burnt

Remains of the household property
Remains of the household property

A family in Kongoni village, Kongoni location in Likuyani Sub County has been forced to spend five consecutive nights in the cold as it counts loses worth thousands of shillings after its house was destroyed by fire believed to have resulted from electricity fault.

According to Mr. Patrick Barasa and his wife Prisca Nanjala their house was destroyed on 10th November, 2022 at around noon and despite reporting to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, officials from the Company are yet to visit the scene.

“I called the KPLC customer care desk and spoke to somebody who identified himself as Obure and he promised to send an emergency team but they never came. On Friday, I called the Lumakanda office in the neighboring Lugari Sub County where they promised to come but until this minute it’s now six days but no one from the company has come to assess the situation,” said Mr. Barasa.

He said everything starting from wiring and installation of the power was done by officials from the company and wondered why it had taken about six days without the officers reaching the scene.

“I don’t know what the KPLC means by’ ’emergency team’. I’m trying to imagine what could have happened if the fire spread to the neighbourhood or if there could have been loss of life. Could they still be waiting to come?” paused Mr. Patrick.

Ms. Nanjala said she was the last person to leave the compound for a church meeting and left everything in order but she was shocked when she received a call from a neighbor informing her that her house was on fire.

“The couple say nothing was salvaged from the house and they have remained to depend on neighbors for assistance.Even the clothes we are putting on now have been donated by well-wishers. We were left with nothing completely,” said Nanjala.

Tired of waiting for the KPLC officials, they decided to pull down the structure due to limited space in order to create space that could enable them to put up a small hut where they can shelter.

They have appealed to local leaders and other well-wishers to help them construct another house as well as get other basic things saying that with the poor life they live in, it will be difficult to return to their normal life.