A man’s body found decomposing inside a house in Lugari

Residents and police officers at the scene
Residents and police officers at the scene

A sorrowful cloud enveloped Lukhuna village in Marakusi sub location, Lugari sub county after the body of a 42-year-old man was found decomposing in his house.

The body was discovered by two boys who were passing by near the house and smelled a strong odour before they saw flies all over the door.

“We were passing near the house and after feeling so pressed I decided to answer the call of nature in a thicket that is near the house when I smelled the bad smell. When I looked in the house I saw flies all over, before I alerted my friend,” said one of the boys.

They later informed their parents and other villagers who together with the local administration were forced to break the window and on peeping inside they discovered the body lying on the bed.

The deceased was last seen on Friday while health and never complained of any illness.

Police officers from Turbo removed the body and took it to Chebaiywa mortuary as they launched investigation into the incident.