A multi-million milk processing plant set up in Chesikaki, Bungoma

The milk processing plant

The national government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries has put up a multi-million milk processing plant at the New Chesikaki Cooperative society in Cheptais Sub-County, Bungoma County.

The project has been completed at cost Kshs 15 million, ready to receive milk from farmers across Mount Elgon, Sirisia and Kabuchai constituencies.

Speaking after the official launch at Chesikaki, dairy technologist Mr. Joaquim Simiyu Omar said the plant has the capacity to receive and chill over 3000 liters of milk in a day, urging farmers embrace dairy farming to improve their living standard.

“I take this opportunity to thank the government through the Ministry of Agriculture for this wonderful project; the plant will collect milk from farmers in the region that will be sold at a better price through the community,” said Mr. Omar.

He added that they have trained youths who will operate the plant and ensure that milk received attains the required standard for human consumption.

Cheptais Sub-County livestock officer Mr. Marvin Ekisa said the project will only be helpful to farmers who will produce the highest number of liters in terms of milk production, challenging farmers to embrace the new technology like artificial insemination so as to increase production.

“We have the AI services available in Chesikaki and I would highly recommend our farmers to breed the cows that will give more milk to sustain themselves,” Mr. Ekisa said.

On other hand, the New Chesikaki Assistant chairman Mr. Simon Masinde appealed to the County government of Bungoma to hasten the construction of an Industrial park in Webuye so as dairy farmers in Bungoma can access a ready market for their produce.