A robber arrested when he was caught stealing at Misikhu

Masinde Tausi, a business man whose shop was broken into
Masinde Tausi, a business man whose shop was broken into

Three thieves broke into four shops in Misikhu market and made away with several items among them clothes, shoes and electronics however some were recovered by police from Misikhu police station.

Michael Tausi, a businessman whose shop was broken into said he received a call while at home at around 3am that thieves had broken into his shop and couldn’t arrive on time because it was raining but in the morning he found his shop broken and several items stolen among them clothes.

He said neighbors who had been called by the security guards who man his shop interjected on time with the help of police officers and managed to secure some items after the thieves were overpowered and one was arrested.

Masinde said security at Misikhu market is becoming poor each day and appealed to the security operatives and the government to add more police officers to beef up security in the area.

Misikhu market chairman Mr. Edward Simiyu Ndovu said Misikhu community is tired as they are losing thousands of money through thieves and if the government does not beef up security then they will be forced to take action themselves.

Misikhu village elders have asked parents to advise their children since those who were involved were young boys but they managed to arrest one who is being held in Misikhu police station and is helping in investigation in order to arrest other culprits who escaped narrowly.

On his part former Ndivisi ward MCA John Musakali has called on Webuye East DCC Chaka Nyamawi to beef up security at the market for it has become a home for thieves and every week business community is losing property through burglary and this has led to economic crisis and destabilizing job opportunities for youths who have been employed in the shops as many businesses are closing due to insecurity.

The incident is fifth to happen, where shops are being broken into for the last two months with no serious action being taken by the security agencies with several killings and no one has been arrested.

Musakali said as a community they demand for answers from whoever is concerned and appealed to the County Commissioner Mr. Miriti to avail vehicles in Misikhu and Sinoko police stations to support police officers from the above stations in night patrols.

John Musakali, former Ndivisi ward MCA
John Musakali, former Ndivisi ward MCA

The arrested culprit known as Joseph Nyongesa from Kaburengu in neighbouring Kakamega county said they are a group who break up shops in many towns and he was able to mention a few of his accomplice who police officers are working out to get them.