A security guard killed in cold blood in Webuye

The house that was broken into at Namarambi village

Sombre mood engulfed Namarambi village in Ndivisi ward within Webuye East sub county after a guard’s body was found at the residence he guards with serious injuries in the head yet there was no blood traces. This could mean he was killed elsewhere and his body dumped at the compound. Benson Ndege aged 56, was a long time watchman at the residence of Mr. Kizito Temba who is the personal assistant to devolution cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa.

Addressing the media, his wife Rodah Ndege said she received the news while she was at home going about her errands as usual saying she had talked to him the previous day about their children’s school fees and he had promised to look into it.

Some of the stolen items

She appealed to the government and especially security apparatus to investigate and bring to book the culprits. She also called on the government to support the education of her children saying the deceased had left children who now need a lot of support for them to complete their studies. The area MCA Hon. Martin Wanyonyi called on the police to do thorough investigation and make sure that those involved are arrested. He also criticized the police whom he says aren’t doing their work well and are only focused on arresting illicit brewers and called on security cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi to transfer police who have overstayed at Misikhu Police Station and any other stations within the sub county so that new ones can come and make sure they address and improve security. 

Mr. Kizito Temba

On his part Mr. Kizito Temba has given police ten days ultimatum to arrest the culprits saying that security in Namarambi area has gone down as people have been loosing their animals through the thieves and nothing so far has been done . He also called on the county commissioner and his team to beef up the security and make sure that no more loosing of property and lives through the gang of robbers. 

Residents have raised a lot of questions as to where the deceased was killed before the body was dumped at it’s present location, a riddle left for the police to solve. The reason as to why he was killed is also another question to be answered. The police have been urged to do thorough investigations and take stern action so that such vices are stopped.