A std seven pupil from Tongaren appealing for medication of her swollen eye

Brenda Nekesa with her aunt
Brenda Nekesa with her aunt

A standard seven pupil from Lunyu DEB primary school, from Mbakalo Ward Tongaren Constituency is seeking for medical help from the County government for her left eye which started itching some years back and now it is swollen.

Eunice Wanyonyi who is the guardian to Brenda said that, she has really suffered for the past six years where they have tried all their ways to make sure that the girl gets medication but all this has been futile.

“I have been working so hard in school to make sure that I become a doctor in future and treat my parents and entire people from Bungoma County, but my eye is worsening each day,” said Nekesa.

Eunice Wanyonyi made an appeal to Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to help the girl get treatment so that she continues with her studies.

“My parents are not in a good position to cater for my medication that’s why my aunt Eunice has been taking care of me since last year, she has used all the resources she had  to make sure that I get treated,” posed Nekesa.