A suffering family benefits from Friends Church Miendo after being hit by a mysterious disease.

Mama Everline Daudi
Mama Everline Daudi holding a blanket after receiving donations from Friends Church Miendo.
Friends church of Miendo monthly meeting has kicked off an exercise of helping the needy in the society by donated a wheelchair to an ailing lady in Matisi village, Bokoli ward in Webuye West sub county.
 Addressing the media after giving out the wheelchair, presiding clerk Mr. Saul Wefwafwa said they have as a church kicked off the act of giving back to the community,  an exercise he adds will continue. Mr. Wefwafwa said mama Eveline’s case (who received the wheelchair) was a unique one and needed urgent help which prompted them to purchase the wheelchair that will help her in the movement and make her life easier as she embarks on her recovery journey.
He urged churches not only to concentrate on spiritual nourishment but also go out of its way to support the vulnerable and less privileged in the community adding that some even need encouragement and company to help them get better.
“Preaching alone won’t help because even Jesus would preach and whenever he realized that people are were hungry he would find ways of providing food for them and there we as a church should also practice the same in order to have a balanced community” said Mr. Wefwafwa.
He added that the donation is a church program with no political inclinations and their small contributions has helped to put a smile in the face on the needy person and appealed to friends church members to continue giving for them to continue supporting the community.
 On his part Matisi area village elder Mr Levi Liru said the unknown disease struck  in 2015 and several of his community members have been affected and asked the government to intervene and help the community as the disease can transmit and  affect the whole village and the neighboring communities.
” We need quick help from the government because several of my subjects have been crippled and if no support can be found in the right time then we are worried especially to our old age people” said Mr. Liru.
Mama Everline Daudi received the wheelchair she has been yearning for for along time after the disease struck her sometimes back and crippled her. according to the doctors who examined her no disease was detected thus she couldn’t be diagnosed to any disease. since her misery,  Mama Eveline has always been bed-ridden until she received the wheelchair.
Eveline had appealed for support from well wishers but all had been vain and appreciated the good gesture from the friends church who also gave some food stuffs and beddings to the family.
Her husband Mr. David Kisiangani said since the disease knocked in to their family, he has sold all his belongings to seek medication for his wife but there has been no change and even his son had to stop schooling due to lack of fees. He appealed to the government and well wishers to help him with his wife’s  treatment from a far much better hospital in order to ascertain the causes of the disease.
“You are the first people to remember us when we are really down and we thank you that you not only do it for us alone but to others who seek and need your support too” said Mr Kisiangani.