A teacher’s decomposing body found in his house in Lumakanda

Lumakanda residents at the home of Evans Mmbwanga Mwinamo

A sorrowful cloud hangs over Lumakanda village in Lugari sub county after a decomposing body of a primary school teacher was found in his house, the cause of death unknown. 

According to deceased’s aunt Nancy Ndelinge her nephew Evans Mmbwanga Mwinamo, a teacher at Jirongo DEB primary school, was last seen on Saturday 8th August, 2020 before his decomposing body was found in the house on Friday evening. 

She said the body was discovered after a nephew to the deceased passed near his house and sniffed an odorous smell from the house and alerted the rest of the family members who on checking, were shocked to find the body. 

The deceased’s sister Emily Omina said her elder brother who separated with his wife about two years ago had another lover in the neighbouring Stand Omega village where he could spend two or  three weeks and then return home. 

‘We thought he had gone to his lover at Stand Omega, not knowing his body was decomposing inside the house,” said Omina

It is suspected that the deceased was killed elsewhere and his body carried and dumped in the house. 

The front door to his house had been locked with a padlock from outside while the backdoor had just been pushed back but not locked from inside. 

“My nephew is a drunkard and whenever he returns home whether drunk or sober he must check on us to say hello or if it’s late at night he just shouts from outside as he goes to his house. In this incident we suspect foul play because he has never returned home and gone to sleep silently and also the padlock on his house raises more questions,” said Ndelinge as the family appealed for justice.

The body was removed by police officers from Lumakanda station and taken to Chebaiywa mortuary in the neighbouring Uasin Gishu county for postmortem to establish the cause of his death as the officers launched investigations into the incident.