A woman steals her husband’s cows to pay for her dowry

Augustine Muhanji with his aunt Rose Khasiala when they spoke to West Media

Residents of Shangazi village in Marakusi sub location, Lugari Sub County have been left perplexed after a woman from the village took her husband’s livestock in his absence to go and pay her own dowry.

Speaking to West Media in his home, Mr. Augustine Muhanji said despite paying dowry several years ago, his wife Caroline Nang’unda Simiyu who has been living away since last year  returned home and took two of his in-calf dairy cows and left without his knowledge.

According to Muhanji they have lived together for more than twenty years before his wife left to go and look for a job early  last year where she was employed as a house help and she has been visiting the family once in a blue moon.

He said she came on Friday 5th February, 2021 and stayed for two days planning to execute her mission without his knowledge.

The victim Augustine Muhanji when he spoke to West Media

“I left her here in the morning and went to work at the church where construction work is going on but when I returned at  around 5:30pm I didn’t find her and also the cows were missing from their shed. When I tried to enquire from the neighbors they told me my wife had left with the cows and that they thought she was just grazing them around,” said Mr. Muhanji who revealed to have paid dowry for his wife about five years ago.

He said he tried tracing the mother of five  in vain before he received information that she had returned to her parents in the neighboring Bungoma County and was also threatening to take her children with her.

“I am shocked by the incident. In fact I wonder how my parents-in-law will go to milk the same cows that I have been milking. It is a taboo  according to the Luhya tribe and especially the Bukusu clan where my wife comes from,” said Muhanji adding that one of the cows was expected to deliver by Monday this week.

The incident has been strongly condemned by Muhanji’s family led by his uncle Linus Atsango and Aunt Rose Khasiala who say the incident was unacceptable among the luhya community.

Mr. Atsango said the cows cannot be accepted back in the compound and also rituals must be performed to cleanse their daughter in-law before she can be allowed back in the family.

Mr. Atsango said elders from both sides will meet and discuss the way forward pertaining to the incident.