A woman steals husband’s livestock and household property to pay her own dowry


Barely a month after a woman stole her husband’s cows from Malaika village, Marakusi sub-location, Lugari sub-county to pay her own dowry, another woman from Matayo village in Soy sub-location, in the neighbouring Likuyani sub-county has shocked residents after also stealing her husband’s livestock and household items to pay for her dowry.

According to Mr. Silvanus Lihanda, he had travelled to Eldoret where he spent a week leaving his wife Jackline Inyuma at home but on returning he was shocked to find an empty house with her livestock also missing.

He said the woman took an in-calf dairy cow, three sheep, three bags of maize, household furniture and utensils among other property.

Mr. Lihanda said he had separated with the mother of his son for more than one year over domestic conflict but she returned late last year during the burial of his sister and promised to protect her marriage but he was shocked by the incident that occurred after.

He said when he tried to reach her through her cell phone; the spouse said she took the action to pay for her dowry.

Speaking to West Media separately through the phone, Ms Inyuma confirmed taking the livestock and property saying she doesn’t regret the action.

She said since marrying 18 years ago her husband has been mistreating her and that she has never enjoyed peace in her marriage

“I have a son with him who is now aged 16 but he has not paid dowry and I can tell you I have been through hell in this marriage,” said Ms. Inyuma.

She disclosed that for the 18 years they have been in marriage they have separated severally with the husband marrying other women who he paid dowry for but later divorced and went back to her yet he didn’t want to pay her dowry.

“If he wants to file a case against me then let him go ahead and do so I’m ready to face him in court and I’m not sorry for what I did,” she concluded.