A woman’s agony after her three sons paralyzing at the age of 10

Mrs. Nyongesa with her disabled sons and a daughter
Mrs. Nyongesa with her disabled sons and a daughter

Traditionally bringing children forth has been viewed as a blessing but for Mrs. Truphena Nyongesa  from Kafusi village in Lwandeti location, Matete Sub County the reverse seems to be her case.

 Affording a smile on her face has been a rare expedition! As a parent, she has never
afforded peace due to an unanswered riddle that befallen her three sons who have developed multi-complications.

She says  her children were born of good health but whenever each attained the age of  10 years, started having health complications, a situation she says was shocking and depressing.

“The three developed deformed feet, conjoined fingers and toes while in standard four at the age of 10. I have tried taking them to local hospitals but they can’t understand which type of disability it is. I have tried seeking prayers from church leaders but the situation still remains the same,” she noted.

She added “I have searched for answers to no avail.I have suffered mentally, emotionally but the worst is I cannot help my children due to financial constraints. More painful are the abuses from people who term my children as outcast and bad omen.”

The children Jotham Kisaka,17, Alfred Shiviko,15, and Ekina Nyongesa, 14, have called on doctors and well-wishers to help them get medical assistance and enable them to walk again like in the past.

The three disabled brothers
The three disabled brothers

The children can barely stand or walk. Other than having the disabilities, they are very social and aspire to go back to school and continue with their studies.

“Our wish is to get financial support to have surgery so that we can walk, go to school and play with other children,” they said.

“I have gone through emotional and financial torture.

She laments that it has been difficult to care for her disabled children without gainful employment and revealed that she has become a nuisance to the neighbour due to her regular begging adding that she and her children are sometimes forced to go on empty stomach for several days when it dawns bad on her.

Mrs. Nyongesa being helped to carry one of her disabled sons
Mrs. Nyongesa being helped to carry one of her disabled sons

“These children needs a close attention and it has become increasingly difficult to take care of them and at the same time venture out for casual labor to enable us to put food on the table,” she observed.

She reveals that her efforts to find assistance from all government agencies and well wishers has failed to yield any fruits.

Consequently, she is now sending out a passionate appeal to well wishers and even medical experts who can assist and reverse the condition to come to her aid.