A youth living with disability makes an employment appeal


A youth living with disabilities having beaten all odds and gotten education and training, has appealed to the county and national government plus we’ll wishers and leaders to help him acquire job to support his elderly parents. Speaking to journalists at his home in Khalumuli village in Sitikho ward Webuye West sub county, Simon Sikuku Wafula said he was born without both hands. Simon faced a lot of challenges at his tender age but he coped up well and went to school, completed form four and attained a mean grade of C plain.

According to him, if was retained in class throughout the four years he would have been a University graduate despite writing using the legs. He was later in 2011 to join Sikusi ECD Teachers College within Bungoma County where he performed well for certificate course in early childhood education and proceeded to take a diploma course  where he graduated in 2013. He then started looking for a job but he has never been successful as many employees looked at his disability and not his capability and strength and what he could offer. Simon despite this thanked his ageing parents for always being there for him as they solely paid for his fees throughout his education even if it was through struggle to make sure that he attained something to help him.

Simon says after struggling without success to get job, he decided to go for a P1 primary school course to help him maybe get job but he says he completed two years ago and even went a head to get a TSC number, KRA pin certificate, a disability card and a certificate of good contact but still he has not succeeded in getting job to support himself.

Simon’s mother addressing the media

He says that his disability has had a lot of challenges among them being washing his clothes, getting water which he can’t do himself and requires support which his elderly parents can’t do now and he mostly relies on his siblings or sometimes he has to pay someone to wash clothes for him and fetch some water which he says is expensive because he doesn’t have job and depends on parents and well wishers.

However, jubilant Simon does not regret being born disabled as he says he has attained what many haven’t done yet they are physically capable and adds the only challenge he faces now is lack of a job and segregation when it comes to employment and has now appealed to county government of Bungoma, national government through the member of Parliament and other well wishers to help him get employment so that he can be able to do his own things without relying on anyone.

” I wish to give back to the community and be self reliant and so am appealing to my government both county and national to help me realize my dream because I have all that it takes including the documents,” said Mr Simon. He has also urged parents who have disabled children at home not hide them but make sure that they support them to get education like any other person adding that they have the potential and can do better than any other.

Simon’s father Mzee Jonathan Wafula.

“Let’s stop this misleading idea of hiding my brothers and sisters out there who are disabled, suppose my parents hid me, would I be where I am today?? So let’s support them fully and i request the county through the county government scholarship scheme to set aside specific amount mend for people living with disabilities as that will encourage them to work extremely hard and attain good grades “said wafula.

Their parents shares their sons appeal for job opportunities with his father Jonathan Wafula saying they have supported their son and he has come of age but they can’t support him any more as they are now ageing and can’t work like they did and have appealed to government to help him get job. His mother Rose Wafula says when her some was born lame, some people laughed at her and some even gave her wrong advice.